October 14, 2023

Who is the WCRP? What do we believe? Who and what do we denounce?

Actually, this is hard to write, which is ironic, because some constituents might well accuse us of
being in love with the sound of our own voice. However, believe it or not, we ran as unifiers, in
an effort to bridge the gap between grassroots groups and the lifelong Republicans. The idea
was that if more people felt included, and listened to, there would be less friction.

We are not partial Republicans—we hold each plank, each tenet, as an immutable truth. We do
not simply give lip-service about being watchmen on the wall. We are earnest and serious.

And the military metaphor is apt.

The Republican party was created to wage war on slavery, to finally create true freedom and
true equality. We seek to ensure our “God-given” liberties apply to all mankind regardless of
anything as inane and superficial as physical appearance, and that we forever avow that all men
. . . all men . . . are created equal.

This is the truth we are sworn to defend.

It is why we fought England. It is why we fought the Confederacy. It is why we fought the Klan.
It is why we fought, and continue to fight, the Communists, the Jihadists, the National Socialists
(Nazis) and their modern day remnants (Neo Nazis).

It is why we forever stand with Israel.

And there’s that truth again—the heart of the matter, the heart of the party, the heart of our

It is the Judaeo-Christian God. It is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and not any watered-
down or multi-cultural amalgam—who stands forever above us, granting us these inalienable
rights, as well as eternal salvation. The Constitution, the words and letters of the Founding
Fathers, and the Declaration of Independence are—like the most Holy Bible—God-inspired.
They are the words that have breathed us, literally and figuratively, into existence.

Therefore, even as watchmen, we refuse to judge, lest we be judged. We refuse to try anyone
in the court of public opinion. We refuse to hate our enemies. We doubly refuse to be coerced
into that hatred by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center. We refuse to let a biased
media dictate who we endorse and who we denounce, simply on the fear that they may well set
their sights on us.

Will we fight against evil, oppression, racism, grooming, moral relativism, and the like? You’re
damn straight. These are the things we denounce.

Will we “cry wolf” before we can see clearly? Will we get so caught up in virtue-signaling that
we pick our targets before we know the whole truth?

No, because that is not what Republicans do.